Livelihood Projects

Baking Workshop Batch 3: Lupie Bakers

Hope for Lupus Foundation’s 3rd Baking Workshop, was held July 12, 2023 in Marikina. 15 Lupus Warriors rose to the occasion alongside the collaborative efforts of two fellow lupus warriors, Chef Jamie Guardino who shared her talent and expertise with chef Micar Briones Santana, who offered her place and equipment for the success of this event. This event promises to unlock the aspiring baker’s culinary potential while fostering a supportive environment. This is designed to celebrate resilience, and creativity, as well as harnessing the therapeutic power of baking and empowering HFL Lupus Warriors to later on use this skill to rise above Lupus through the foundation’s livelihood and skills training workshops.
In the months of May, June and July, Hope for Lupus Foundation is proud to have opened more opportunities to its members to create a better life while living with and fighting lupus.
Following every the workshop, a delectable lunch was served, and everyone had the opportunity to take home their completed products and their equipment’s, which they can either sell to their neighbors or utilize in their own households.
As Hope for Lupus Foundation is actively promoting its primary purpose to raise awareness about lupus, It is the foundation’s utmost wish to reach more lives and empower more of its members with these skills to help build a life through the Livelihood programs offered this year.

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