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Baking Project: Our Daily Bread

May is Lupus awareness month and May 10 is World Lupus Day.

The Hope for Lupus Foundation is committed to raising awareness about this auto immune disease and to helping people with lupus to live a fruitful life.

This year, as part of our celebrations for World Lupus Day, the Hope for Lupus foundation launched various livelihood programs for lupus warriors. The HFL livelihood projects include dishwasher liquid-making, candle-making and Baking.

Last May 15 and 17, 2023, we conducted “Our Daily Bread” Baking livelihood project. It gave 20 lupus warriors the opportunity to learn skills in baking which aims to help generate income for these lupus warriors and their families. The workshop was headed by instructor Chef Nora Manapat, the program included lectures, demonstrations, hands-on experience and pricing of actual finished products which they were able to bring home to their families. They were able to make 6 different kinds of pastries, which were easily sold both online and in the market.

At the end of these workshops, Hope for Lupus is hoping these lupies are empowered by their new learnings, and will be able to practice what they have acquired and use it to start a small business.

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