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Bulacan Chapter Meet Up

We invited 34 Bulakenyos, 28 of whom are lupus warriors and the rest are some family members and their care givers to be part of this first ever Hope for Lupus Bulacan Chapter Meet-up held in Bigdadi’s Restaurant in Sta. Maria, Bulacan last Saturday August 12, 2023. Our mission extends beyond awareness – it’s about empowering individuals impacted by lupus, spreading knowledge, and fostering a community that understands and stands by each other. Amidst the challenges posed by lupus, this gathering serves as a beacon of hope, uniting fellow Bulakenyos in our shared journey. This event encapsulates our commitment to shed light on the struggles faced by lupus warriors and the unwavering resilience they exhibit and to champion HFL’s cause, and to stand alongside those whose lives have been touched by Hope for Lupus Foundation. Led by Facilitators: Marie Glenda Panarada, Glenda Nieto, Ri Acana & Helen Driz

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