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Empowering Lupus Patients through Forest Bathing and Fostering Environmental Responsibility

Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center

The Hope For Lupus event, “Empowering Lupus Patients through Forest Bathing,” was a transformative experience that brought together members of HFL in a celebration of strength and resilience.

The day began with an early walk around Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, where participants immersed themselves in nature.

A short explanation of forest bathing was provided, highlighting the importance of spending time in nature for both physical and mental well-being. Members learned about the benefits of grounding oneself by connecting with nature, and understanding how it can provide a sense of calmness and renewal.

The history and mission of Hope For Lupus were shared, reminding everyone of the organization’s commitment to raise Lupus awareness, and support and empower those affected by Lupus.

The day continued with an energizing dance led by HFL member Ces, bringing smiles and laughter to all participants. In a circle of understanding and acceptance, members took turns introducing themselves, sharing their personal Lupus journeys, and recounting the obstacles they’ve overcome. These stories of courage and perseverance served as a source of inspiration for everyone present.

Amidst the sharing and reflection, members enjoyed a sumptuous brunch, savoring delicious food and deepening connections with one another. Gratitude filled the air as each person expressed their appreciation for being part of a community where they feel safe and understood.

Today’s event was about empowerment. A celebration of strength, resilience, and hope, reminding participants that they are not alone on their journey with Lupus.

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