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Hope For Lupus Zumba Meet Up

This is our Hope for Lupus’ zumba meet up, the dynamic blend of dance, fitness, and fun, all while raising awareness about lupus.

This event is not just about movement; it’s also about celebrating the strength and resilience of those living with this autoimmune condition. A group of 34 lupus warriors, some accompanied by their family members, danced their hearts out and enjoyed every moment of our 1 hour zumba workout. It was followed by a simple lunch and a lot of chatting and laughing together.

As participants sway to the music, they build connections, shared stories, and inspired one another. Our HFL Zumba Meet-Up is a testament to the power of unity in overcoming challenges. It was held in Quezon City Circle’s Liwasang Aurora last September 23, 2023, Led by Zin Scarlet Fuenteblanca.

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