Lupus Story

My Lupus Journey

Hi, my name is Cecille Luna 34 years of age. My battle with lupus started 13 years ago. To be exact, i was diagnosed with SLE in 2004 and eventually develop to Nephritis Lupus in 2006. My battle with lupus is not the same with others, as our doctors said, There is no same case when it comes to lupus. It was my last year in college when i felt something was wrong with my body. I was in 4th year and as usual, it’s a busy and toxic year to everyone. Struggling just to graduate and get the diploma you wished for.
Feb 2004 when i came to realize that my body is not responding with my thoughts. I always feel as if was drained even when just waking up in the morning.
At first, I just simply ignore it like when i’m also ignoring my sun sensitivity. I got reactions from my skin with the cream that I’m putting on my face. But then I started to notice something such as bruises in my body. My mother started to worry especially she sees my hair literally easily falling down. A day after, my body is in deep pain. I don’t want to be touched or moved. I just want to lay down like that. My joints and muscles are aching. I have a high fever and mouth sores. I’m burning inside, that’s how i feel. The next morning when I got a little better, my mother and i went to UST Hospital for check-up. My doctor requested for a lot of lab tests but definitely, they already had an idea what it is going on with my body. To make the story short, when the results were released, i was diagnosed with SLE.
I didn’t have a drama moment that time. I simply ask what was that. Is it a terminal case? I remembered ex-president Marcos died with that disease. Am i dying? My doctors explained but it was hard for me to understand my condition. Nevertheless, I was blessed because at least, I found a right doctor at the right moment. I was diagnosed at the early stage.
Life goes on as they said. I finished my study and graduate in time. Work and live a life as normal as i can. Until the wolf inside of me strike again.
September 2006. One morning i woke up that my head is like about to explode. My mother rushed me to the hospital to the emergency and contact all my doctors. This is what my Mother told me as during that moment, im already a lost soul. She said that I undergo MRI to find out what is happening. They saw that my memory bank (brain, left side) is full of bacteria. What i am experiencing is a brain abscess as they said. On that moment they rush me to the operating room. I woke up 2 days after. I lost all my memory. It was all drained.
My family, friends, doctors, they are all happy for the successful operations. My doctors assured me that my memory will come back in time but it will not be the same like before. There is a lapse moment when im tired. A lot of brain fog.
Keep moving! I was back to action. I work and do the things that made me happy. Live a life as normal as i can. In 2013 i decided to work abroad and i did it.
After 2 years i came back here in the Philippines. Then my wolf kicked me again. Feb 2016 and I was experiencing the hardest days of my life. I just recently lost my father. And i broke up with my 7-year relationship. Stress, lost, emptiness, and depression they are all over me. I just want to rest.
That night my mother checked me in my room. she saw me shaking and vomiting. I was rushed to the hospital. I was having brain seizure. My brain was blackout for 2 days. As if your world stopped while others are moving. You’re physically there but your spirit is not. Then you come back to life from nowhere. That’s me!
Now i am okay. Alive and kicking. I don’t know how to tell story like others do. I just tell you how i can remember it and how i can relay it.
What i learned in this battle with lupus is simply like this: “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” Everyday that im still alive i know i am stronger. It’s not yet my time. God has given me this condition because He knows I can handle this. The new journey and adventure are on my way.
I am blessed aside from this condition. I have a loving family, friends, doctors, co-luppies support.
“No one has ever seen God; if we love one another God abides in us and His love is perfected in us.” 1John 4:12
I am a survivor and a keep fighter! God bless us all!

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