Lupus Story

The Story Of The Lost Girl

It was summer of 2006 when I started to feel something was wrong. I began losing my hair for no apparent reason. I had rashes all over my face and arms. I had pain all over my body especially in my joints that become severe whenever I was tired. That time, I’m in my 2nd yr in College and doing a part time job at the same time. I thought everything was just because of stress. Going to work in the morning, schooling at night. I always felt exhausted and weak.
One day, I woke up feeling sore, feverish and gasping for air. I can’t breathe well. My lungs and chest were like on fire and I felt like I’m dying. I was rushed to the nearest hospital and treated by different doctors, but none of them gave me the right diagnosis. Later on, the butterfly rash became evident on my face with accompanying sores all over mouth then the real verdict finally came YOU HAVE LUPUS.
I was caught unprepared and unaware of what was happening to me. Upon hearing the unfamiliar term, don’t know how to react. Lupus, I have Lupus. This means that my body’s natural defense system or my immune system attacks healthy tissues instead of attacking only things like bacteria and viruses and this cause Inflammation. “Me against my own.” Yes, weird as it may sound but this is what happening to my body. I’ve been into many chemo therapy procedures and steroids treatment in order to shut off my Lupus. Hospital became my second home. The four corner of my room was the only witness of my wailing night. I cried whenever I see my hair pulling down and slowly getting bald. I cried because of pain and loneliness. I cried because I knew I’m going to die. I cried because I’m I can’t accept the fact that everything will never be t he same. I cried because only thing I can do that moment was to cry.
Years passed, crying have slowly changed into a I cheerful smile and a thankful heart. I learned to accept my sickness. I learned to love what was left for me. Most importantly, I learned to love my family more. They became my strength and my reason not give up, I am surrounded with so much love even at times I’m difficult to handle.
Looking back now, I can see that my battle against Lupus has made me a better, stronger, and tougher. It brought me into a deeper relationship with God . It made me realize that life is too short to spent on evil thoughts. No more questioning God why it has to be me but instead I learned to value life and caused me to have a positive outlook.
I derived a lot of comfort from the passage of the Bible, knowing that after all was said and done, agree all the pain and struggle, after all the sufferings, God prepared a better place for me. This place is called heaven. In heaven, there is no more sickness and pain, no more crying and sorrow, no more death. Only joy, peace and love endures forever.
I will never know what is in store for me but I learn to commit myself to God for He alone has good plans for me, He does not wish to harm me, He plans to give me hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)
Meantime, let me live and enjoy life with those I love and savor every bit of happiness while it last.

This Is The Story of The Lost Girl
My Name is Kelai
Lupus Warrior

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